From our earliest days, Groupe Legris Industries has been active in competitive sailing, backing teams in the America’s Cup, the Tour de France à la Voile, and the Olympic Games. When Arkéa Capital became one of our shareholders at the end of 2018, we seized the opportunity to support an ambitious three-year project culminating in the 2020 Vendée Globe challenge—a non-stop, no-assistance, round-the-world race. Our boat is the Arkéa Paprec, named after its top two sponsors, with talented young skipper Sébastien Simon at the helm.

Everest of the seas: VENDEE GLOBE takes elite sailing to new heights

To prepare for the race, Sébastien is working with Vincent Riou, winner of the 2004-2005 Vendée Globe. As Operations Manager for Team Arkéa Paprec, Vincent is joining Sébastien for a series of double-handed qualifying races ahead of the 2020 Vendée Globe.
At Groupe Legris Industries, we are proud to support the Arkéa Paprec Team for the next three years. We see sailing as a natural match for our business, combining as it does a focus on cutting-edge technology and dedication to personal performance.
© Benoît Stichelbaut
© Benoît Stichelbaut

“I still have lots to learn before the Vendée Globe begins.
Here Vincent’s experience is critical; I have absolute faith in him. A challenge like this represents a huge commitment, huge responsibilities, and—above all—huge passion. Sharing it all with Vincent, with my team, and with the employees of our partners and sponsors is truly motivating. I’m committed to a project where we all advance together; success means engaging a maximum number of people. That’s key to our project’s long-term future, which is where I see trust emerging.

Sébastien Simon

Arkéa Paprec, 01 March, 2019. Nav Arkéa Paprec 1. PRB.
Arkéa Paprec, 01 March, 2019. Nav Arkéa Paprec 1. PRB.

“For me, this as an outstanding opportunity to pass my experience and knowledge on the next generation—harnessing all the energy invested in learning and working to raise the bar, to ensure continuity in the years ahead.“.

Vincent Riou