Eco-design allows to take into account environmental issues during every phase of the product/solution life cycle, beginning with design. We rely on ISO 14001, ISO 14006, ISO 50001 and other standards related to environmental management.

Evolum + by Clextral

The new range of Evolum + twin-screw extruders reduces the carbon footprint for the customer by intensifying the process (at unchanged size, +40% higher volume production), plus the use of stainless steel, limitation of the number of parts, optimization of the use of steam, hygienic processing for food safety and maintenance facilitated by the ergonomic design.

Enviro Kiln by Keller

This new revolutionary kiln concept allows significant energy reductions for clay brick and tile firing (up to -30%). Keller has radically revisited the principle of the countertravel kiln optimizing the direct heat transfer (according to the “solid-solid” principle) while guaranteeing the intrinsic properties of the final product.

Energy efficiency by Schiederwerk

The key to optimum energy efficiency of the Schiederwerk’s power supplies lies in the wealth of experience of their engineers. In development, the engineers of Schiederwerk don’t just meet the specifications of the planned products. They are experts in optimizing the efficiencies of the Schiederwerk’s power supplies. A high efficiency of up to 96% reduces the heat generated during operation and thus opens up new avenues in component cooling, even at high outputs.