Groupe Legris Industries is committed to strict compliance with laws and regulations and to enforce the rules set out in its Code of Business Conduct. The whistleblowing system, accessible from this page, enable all employees and other persons who have a contractual relationship with the Group to report in good faith any potential breach and/or any reprehensible, illegal, unethical or fraudulent act involving the Group’s activities or any potential breach of our Code of Business Conduct.


Created in 2008, the Code of Business Conduct reflects our commitment to formalizing and applying the principles and practices that define our approach to business operation. This formal presentation is designed to ensure more effective dissemination and provide a clear statement of the principles guiding our relationships with customers, partners and suppliers, as well as relationships between staff members.
The Code of Business Conduct embodies the spirit of our business; it sets a course for best practice that protects the interests of the business and contributes to the quality of our performance.


At Groupe Legris Industries, we take business ethics and integrity very seriously. We want to ensure that all stakeholders are free to report, in full confidentiality, any breach of laws or regulations that runs counter to the public interest or is unethical, illegal or fraudulent.
Against this backdrop, the Group has decided to set up to a secure platform on which employees or other stakeholders will have the possibility of reporting any behavior that violates applicable law or our corporate Code of Business Conduct.
The Alert Platform is available under the Legris Industries Integrity Line link.