25 August 2022

Schiederwerk signs diversity charter

In a sign of Schiederwerk’s commitment to diversity and appreciation, it has signed the Charta der Vielfalt, Germany’s most important Diversity Charter. As part of the largest diversity network in Germany, Schiederwerk is committed to an open, progressive working environment that is free of prejudice. Its current workforce of 169 […]
24 August 2022

Production capacity

Schiederwerk expands its machine base To meet rising demand and cope with increasingly complex orders in the future, Schiederwerk has installed new machinery. This equipment includes a wave-soldering machine and a PCB-transport and cooling system developed in house, as well as a selective soldering machine that boosts production capacity while […]
11 August 2022

Illustration of Clextral’s expertise in alternative proteins

11 July 2022

Triple ISO certification for Laulagun

Laulagun India has received ISO 14001 environmental management certification. Parent company Laulagun Bearings is deeply committed to managing the environmental risks associated with its activities, and ISO 14001 certification allows it to improve and optimize its resource management. This new credential joins previous certifications awarded to the company’s plant in […]
11 May 2022

Introducing KBIS, an all-new digital information platform

The digital revolution opens new scope for controlling equipment and production processes in the heavy-clay industry, making operations safer and more efficient. Against this backdrop, Keller has rolled out KBIS, a new offer that will improve clients’ lives. KBIS stands for Keller Bolt Information System. A digital information platform that […]
10 May 2022

Technology for tomorrow

3RR—tomorrow’s wind energy technology Laulagun Bearings’ three-row roller (3RR) technology enables onshore wind turbine manufacturers to keep hub dimensions at sizes that can be transported by road. The company focused on scale-up in 2020, then validated the technology on test benches in 2021. It is now making its first deliveries, […]