Clextral: a record contract for safety pumps

Clextral: a record contract for safety pumps

L'activité pompes de Clextral, pompes pour les centrales nucléaires et l'indutrie pétrolière

Our Clextral Division has signed a multi-million euro contract with partner EDF Energy to supply safety pumps produced by Clextral Pumps for nuclear power plants and oil fileds.

The devices will be installed at the Hinkley Point C EPR nuclear reactor currently under construction in the UK. The contract includes the supply of a large batch of volumetric pumps including piston, membrane, fixed and mobile models that are used to inject various fluids into the reactor circuits.

Certain units will also help cool both reactors at the site. First deliveries are scheduled for early 2021 and will ultimately be spread over around two years.


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