Laulagun Bearings

20 December 2022

Collecting foodstuffs

During this month, employees of our LAULAGUN BEARINGS Business Unit have collected foodstuffs for the Food Bank of Gipuzkoa, in Spain. Congratulations to our employees. Every action (big or small) is good when it comes to helping someone.    
13 September 2022

1,000 bearings produced!

Our new Laulagun Bearings’ facility based in India (in Tamil Nadu) has reached the figure of 1,000 bearings produced. Congratulations to all employees of Laulagun India.  
11 July 2022

Triple ISO certification for Laulagun

Laulagun India has received ISO 14001 environmental management certification. Parent company Laulagun Bearings is deeply committed to managing the environmental risks associated with its activities, and ISO 14001 certification allows it to improve and optimize its resource management. This new credential joins previous certifications awarded to the company’s plant in […]
10 May 2022

Technology for tomorrow

3RR—tomorrow’s wind energy technology Laulagun Bearings’ three-row roller (3RR) technology enables onshore wind turbine manufacturers to keep hub dimensions at sizes that can be transported by road. The company focused on scale-up in 2020, then validated the technology on test benches in 2021. It is now making its first deliveries, […]
9 January 2022

New facility for our Laulagun Bearings business unit

Laulagun Bearings opens new facility in India The Indian wind energy market is expanding apace, and Laulagun Bearings’ new plant in Tamil Nadu is designed to meet that demand. Though its opening was complicated by the pandemic, operations began in earnest at the end of 2021. Plans call for the […]