Our HR policy

The Human Resources policy carried out by Groupe Legris Industries is based on three key principles:
  • Professional development for our employees
  • Labor relations
  • Territorial commitment


Professional development ensures success for all our projects, and is at the heart of our ambition to build up careers for our employees that meet their aspirations and ensure high development for our activities.

1i8a8695-2Training opportunities

Occupational training – specific to each Division – is jointly determined by managers, Human Resource teams and employees. These training programs are essential for securing suitable careers, maintaining employability and developing each person’s skills and expertise.

Legris Industries offers cross-disciplinary training programs according to the business, organizational and managerial needs shown by each Division. For several years now, these training programs have been available and can be launched upon request: CAP eco (company economics); CAP labor relations (performance & development reviews); CAP innov’ (creativity) and CAP planet (sustainable development).

Two new training modules for managerial support were added in 2016: “Involving your team” and “Helping your team grow”. These two managerial skill development modules are available throughout the Group. They include a co-development meeting aiming to speed up the learning process through mutual support, perpetuate the exchange of good practices between managers and learn from diverse employee experiences.


All job offers are circulated within the Group’s companies on a dedicated page. A suitable adaptation period and required training actions are then offered to the employee wishing to evolve either within their company or within the Group. Mobility between the Group’s companies occurs in line with trilateral mobility agreements, which enable employees to recover their seniority in their new position.

Exchanging with managers

Each manager’s goal is to see their employees make progress. Meetings between employees and managers are regularly organized and encouraged to allow for respectful discussions on performance, expectations and professional development.

Labor relations

For many years, Groupe Legris Industries has promoted labor relations grounded in respect for employee representatives, their duties, and the mandates of the bodies through which they work at every level of the organization.

In June 2014, the Group created a European Company Works Council, convened at least once a year to discuss economic, strategic and development-related issues within the Group and its Divisions.

Moreover, depending on the issues and matters at hand, the Group and its staff representation bodies may decide to carry out negotiations directly and finalize agreements that shall apply to the considered scope. The Group may also initiate negotiations or encourage Divisions to do so for all matters, namely regarding male/female professional equality, equal treatment and the hiring of disabled workers, as well as skill and knowledge transfer between generations.

For matters strictly concerning a company or establishment, negotiations shall be held within that particular scope.

Territorial commitment

The Group encourages the development of trusting relationships with local economic, social and academic stakeholders.

Divisions play a major role in presenting their career opportunities in schools and Universities – which are ideal partners for integrating and retaining young employees. We encourage engineers and experts to speak in training facilities with the hope of stimulating new interest, take part in job fairs or open days, etc. A large number of working students and interns are welcomed to the Group’s Divisions every year.

In December 2022, Legris Industries signed a partnership agreement with the Proxité association.

Created in 2002 in Seine-Saint-Denis, the Proxité association is established in France, with some fifty branches. Its ambition is to help young people from disadvantaged areas in their educational and/or professional careers. Since its creation, Proxité has helped more than 7,000 young people.
In concrete terms, Proxité links a young person with a volunteer from the professional world (a volunteer). The volunteer accompanies the young person on themes such as school support, orientation, professional integration or cultural awareness.

Legris Industries, as a new partner of Proxité, now has several volunteers who support young people in their school and professional projects.