Our jobs – Technical director

Xavier, TECHNICAL DIRECTOR at Clextral

Xavier Boivin has been working within Clextral since 2001 and has been the Technical Director for one and a half years. Having graduated from the INSA school of mechanical engineering and obtained an Executive MBA in 2011 from the Management School of Lyon, Xavier Boivin lived in the USA for a year as part of his study programme at INSA. He was a professional basketball player for 8 years, and joined the industry in 2001 within Clextral as the After-Sales technical manager. He then turned to sales positions and was namely in charge of after-sales for Scandinavia.  His MBA was punctuated by an expatriation to Clextral’s Danish subsidiary so Clextral’s activity could be transferred to this company who joined the division in 2008, and thus develop Clextral’s business in Scandinavia.

How would you define your current position as Technical Director?

Clextral is a technological company, so our strategy is based on technical aspects.   My mission is to manage and coordinate the technical teams, who are there to ensure the development of our technological offer and conduct business studies. I am also involved in the resolution of complex problems alongside our technical teams. I can draw on my prior experience in sales to ensure that customer expectations tie up with our areas of development.

What qualities are required for this position?

That depends on how the technical teams are made up. I am lucky in that I currently manage expert and highly experienced teams, that are extremely passionate about their jobs. Management and coordination qualities are therefore just as important as technical qualities, which enable me to understand all the technical matters in fields as diverse as mechanics, electrics, automatics, aeraulics, thermal engineering, materials, etc.

As our customers are mostly abroad, fluency in English at least is mandatory.

Does this position require that you be always available?

It requires that I pay close attention to our markets, customers and employees.  Resolving technical problems represents a huge proportion of my time and requires a great deal of availability, given the customers’ ever-growing demands.

Is teamwork necessary on a daily basis?

Yes, it’s essential. Our activity’s complex nature means that field experts need to collaborate.

Do you use any specific tools or techniques in your job?

No, nothing in particular, but I brush up on my knowledge regularly by reading management and technical magazines, by visiting customers and going to trade fairs, etc.

What are your hopes for the future?

To carry on evolving in a motivating activity that is always full of challenges!