Graduating with a Bac+4 in Applied Physics, Myriam further continued her studies with a Master’s 2 in Quality Management while also working for the French Air Force in Saint-Etienne. Since graduating in 2004, she has filled several quality management positions in various agribusiness companies. In September 2008, Myriam joined Clextral on a temporary basis as a Quality, Safety, Radiation Protection and Environment Assistant. This involved the creation of a new post, whereby she ensured the document control of the quality management system. She was hired in 2010 and held the same role for 5 years. In June 2015, Myriam was assigned the role of Quality, Safety, Radiation Protection, Environment and Sustainable Development Manager, with a team of 3 people under her management.

How would you define your role as a Quality, Safety, Radiation Protection, Environment and Sustainable Development Manager today?

If I had to summarize the role in a few words: “meeting requirements”! More specifically, it’s about supporting and developing the company’s management system in order to enhance its performance and thereby meet the needs of its clients. The position is cross-disciplinary and involves a wide range of tasks: from modifying procedures to organizing meetings or visits to suppliers in order to carry out audits. It also involves managing and developing your team. The aim is to continually enhance the company by improving organization, work methods and mentalities.

What qualities does a person need in this profession?

Patience, communication and attention to detail are essential qualities to fulfill the role of a Quality, Safety, Radiation Protection, Environment and Sustainable Development Manager. An individual’s analytical and summarization skills are also essential on a daily basis.

Does this job require high availability?

In addition to availability, this job also requires great listening skills and responsiveness.

Does your role require teamwork on a daily basis?

Yes, because alone we don’t move forward. We always work in teams, whether we’re writing procedures or resolving issues; that’s also what makes this position so rich.

Do you use specific tools or techniques to do your work?

I use problem solving techniques such as the ISHIKAWA diagram (environment, machines, method, materials, manpower) or the “5 Whys?”, particularly when establishing the cause of a work accident.

What projects are currently underway ?

We are setting up an EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) for storing documents and automatically sending out emails for validation requests.

Can you tell us about a professional experience you are particularly proud of?

Last June, I was proud to hear that Clextral had obtained ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) certifications (2015 version). This is a revolutionary version because, for the first time, it is more focused on strategy, interested parties and life cycles. It’s a great challenge for all employees!

What plans do you have going forward?

I hope to fully integrate quality, safety and environment management into Clextral’s global strategy by involving interested parties in said fields, and thereby make the company a showcase example of Quality, Safety and Environment Management. And perhaps participate in a national competition to win a quality award.